"Sage" English Field Cocker, 7.25 x 10"

Andrew G. Lee (b.1982)

Sage, 2019

Original, on paper

Approx. 7.25 x 9.875" sketchbook page artwork, unframed

Signed: Andrew Lee, lower right

Rare, one-of-a-kind pencil illustration done in the artist's sketchbook and made available for purchase. This sketch was illustrated in Jan. 2019 of the Covey Rise magazine 'mascot', Sage, a beautiful English field bred cocker from Ryglen Gundogs. Beautiful proportions, excellent temperament, and atop the list of the artist's favorite dog breed, the English field cocker makes for a wonderful subject.

This particular drawing would make for an ideal candidate to display in a floating frame as the page displays the straight cut from the binding and maintains the rounded corders of the sketchbook page.