Andrew G. Lee, b. 1982

Having lived in Tennessee, South Carolina, and Louisiana after college, Andrew has planted roots back in his hometown of Auburn, Alabama with his beautiful wife, Whitney, and two sons.
Andrew is a graduate of Auburn University with a degree in industrial design and has worked in a wide range of industries and design capacities: product design, graphic design, education/online learning design, advertising, marketing, and the like.

Starting in 2014, Andrew worked full-time for Auburn University, primarily digital media in web, graphic design, marketing and online education. Outside of his role at Auburn is where he was able to unplug and focus on what has come to define the Andrew Lee Design brand: the fine art, the handcrafted design in printmaking, woodworking and leather work. It was a creative balancing act--utilize cutting edge technology to produce dynamic content for online learning, then switch to the tradition and pace of the handcrafted that endures generation after generation.
Starting in April of 2019, Andrew and his family were blessed to announce that he would be pursuing Andrew Lee Design full-time, and he is currently working with clients and collaborators to take his fine art and artisan goods to heights not previously possible. Andrew and his family thank you for the interest in his work, and are learning to trust God daily in this life journey of creativity and calling.