Custom Wood-Burned Oyster Shucker

Tough, no frills, does the job.  That’s what you need when you’re shuckin’ oysters.

And yet, no one hand-burned oyster design is the same. It’s those nice touches that make the experience more enjoyable and rewarding. This is the Andrew Lee Design custom wood-burned oyster shucking knife.

Quickly and easily shuck oysters using the Winco KCL-1 Oyster/Clam Knife with Wooden Handle. Featuring a triangular tapered shaped, stainless steel blade, this oyster/clam knife is strong enough to penetrate the toughest oyster shells while its narrow tip won't damage the muscle inside. Thanks to its ergonomic rounded wooden handle, this oyster/clam knife offers a comfortable grip for excellent balance and control.

  • Oyster / Clam knife
  • 2.75” blade
  • Wooden handle with custom oyster design by Andrew G. Lee, (“AGL” wood burned at the end of each handle)

Sold as 1 each.

Blade Length: 2.75”
Blade Material: Stainless Steel
Handle Material: Hardwood
Overall Length: 6.125”

Recommended for hand wash only. We advise against dishwasher use.